The Excellence in Leadership Award recognizes a dental student that has made significant contributions in leadership to ASDA and organized dentistry. This award reflects ASDA’s vision of advancing the dental profession by developing exemplary leaders who demonstrate the core values of passion, community, engagement and integrity. This award also recognizes an individual who has led their chapter through challenging and unique circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Award Criteria

  • Must be nominated by a peer.
  • One nomination per chapter is permitted.
  • The recipient may be any predoctoral ASDA member, aside from current and past national leaders.
Award Prompts
Nominators will answer the following prompts:

  • A brief explanation of why this person deserves recognition for their contributions to their chapter.
  • Chapter-level or district-level positions this student holds/has held within ASDA and accomplishments associated with each position.
  • Examples of how this student demonstrates ASDA’s core values of passion, community, engagement and integrity.
  • Examples of how this student has inspired others within the chapter.
  • Examples of how the student has responded with creative and engaging opportunities for others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recipient will receive free airfare, lodging and registration to The Summit – ASDA’s reimagined in-person conference.  

Nominations for the 2021 Excellence in Leadership Award are now closed.

Questions? Contact Robin Lieberman, advocacy senior coordinator.


Congratulations to Logan Kludt-Lawrence, Nebraska ’22, for receiving ASDA’s 2020 Excellence in Leadership Award.

Questions? Contact Robin Lieberman, advocacy and policy coordinator.