Member Spotlights

ASDA’s membership is made up of more than 23,000 predoctoral and predental students. Learn more about our members as they share their experiences in dental school and preparing for dental school.


  • Manuel Perea Cuebas-2

    Manuel A. Perea Cuebas


    Why do you want to be a dentist? I have always been fascinated by health related jobs because of the impact you can make in someone’s life. My shadowing experiences as a predental student taught me the importance of dental care in a person’s life. Also, I learned it is very fulfilling … read more

  • EdithLu

    Edith Quiñonez Lu


    Why do you want to be a dentist? I want to be a dentist so I may be able to provide services for those in need. I strive to gain insight that will lead to collaboration with others to improve access to dental care both in our nation as well as internationally. I want to be able … read more

  • Bradley Morgan

    Bradley Morgan


    Why do you want to be a dentist? I originally chose dentistry because, as every pre-dent would say, I wanted to “help people.” Having stable dental and orthodontic care growing up changed my life, and “helping people” is still my primary--if not oversimplified--focus. However, at … read more

  • Kara Sardella

    Kara Sardella

    First Impression - Predental

    1. Why do you want to be a dentist? I have always had a passion for helping others, and I definitely wanted to incorporate that into my future career. Fortunately, I have a father that is a dentist and I have been exposed to the dental environment my entire life. … read more
  • CoryZirkel

    Cory Zirkel


    Why do you want to be a dentist? I want to be challenged everyday and work with people! 

    What do you think is the most vital quality in a leader? Delegating roles and tasks and realizing when you need help

    What is the biggest lesson read more

  • Tatum Newbill

    Tatum Newbill


    Why do you want to be a dentist? I decided to become a dentist so I could provide treatment to my underserved hometown. When I began treating patients in the clinic, I found I enjoyed the treatment I was providing to my patients, and enjoyed the relationships formed. I’m excited … read more