Chapters are responsible for recruiting and retaining members. This section provides resources to help you in your recruitment efforts.

Membership Processing: Every summer, national ASDA will send communications to chapter presidents and school administration to verify the membership processing contact for the upcoming membership year. ASDA will then send membership processing instructions and timeline on using the online Chapter Portal. Questions can be directed to

Membership Presentations: Template PowerPoint presentations for predentals and predoctoral students are available. Each presentations provides an overview of ASDA and the benefits of membership. Personalize the presentations as needed. 

Recruitment & Engagement Videos: Show these videos at your events to demonstrate the value of getting involved with ASDA. Review all videos before your event and choose one that best fits your audience.

Value of ASDA Membership: Use this handout on the value of ASDA membership to assist with your recruitment efforts for predoctoral members.

First-Year Welcome Letter:  Personalize this sample letter (Word) to incoming first years and mail to their home addresses to introduce them to ASDA.

Automatic Enrollment: If your chapter is considering converting to auto-enroll, use the FAQs and the benefits of auto-bill when speaking to your administration.

Fast Facts Flyer: Use this fast facts flyer to talk to members about benefits in a general to specific way. Share this flyer at recruitment events, orientations and fever weeks to help new members get to know ASDA.