Find a Program

There are more than 700 post-doctoral dental programs in the U.S. The following resources are available to find these programs and learn more about them.


The ADEA PASS search engine provides access to program profiles for over 700 participating programs, including deadline dates, contact information and program requirements and supplemental materials.

ADA offers a searchable database of all CODA-accredited advanced dental programs that can be filtered by specialty and state. The name and contact information for each program is provided.

Specialty society associations
Read an overview of each specialty area. A list of residency programs can be found on the specialty organization websites:

Selecting the right fit

With over 700 programs, it can be overwhelming to determine which programs are right for you. Some of the things to consider, include:

  • Location: urban vs. rural, population of patients and cost of living
  • Size: number of residents, faculty-to-resident ratio and number of patients treated per day
  • Experience: What types of procedures are residents doing and how many of each on average? What spectrum of patients are being treated?
  • Culture: Are residents happy? Is there a culture of competition or camaraderie? Is there all work and no play?
  • Professional development: Are there opportunities to stay involved in organized dentistry, community volunteer opportunities, mission trips?
  • Cost: Is this a tuition-based residency or is there a salary/stipend?
  • Moonlighting option: Does the state or program allow you to work while in training?

Read the ASDA Blog post “Which residency program is right for you?” for more tips on finding a program that is the right fit.

We understand that many of these factors seem inconsequential to those pursuing advanced training. However, keeping these factors in mind can help focus on what is important to you while navigating the already arduous process of residency applications.

This content was developed in cooperation with Dr. Aruna Rao, Minnesota ’12, pediatric dentist in Minnesota.