Graduation and Career Options

As an entering first-year dental student, you were excited to fulfill your dream to become a dentist. But as graduation draws nearer, it is time to decide what type of dentist you want to become, where you want to practice and what practice setting is best for you. Prepare yourself now so the transition to your career is seamless.

Getting a License

The final step to becoming a dentist is earning your dental license. The process varies by state so it is important to determine where you want to practice and understand the steps involved in obtaining a license.

Life of a Dentist

Read about eight dentists from various specialties to find out why they chose their career path, what makes their field unique, what kind of additional training they received and what advice they would give to someone interested in their career.

Practice Options

Considering going directly into practice or continuing your education in a post-graduate program? Learn the pros and cons of each option to determine what's best for you.

Alternative Career Paths

Dentists have opportunities to work in many different practice settings. Explore the various options to map out your career path.