How to be a well-rounded dental school applicant

October 10, 2018 at 7:30 PM

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Dentistry is a demanding, multifaceted profession. Dental schools in the U.S. are looking at grades and scores, but they are also reviewing skills and experiences that can make a contribution to the profession. What can you do in your undergraduate years to make the strongest presentation to the admissions committee?  Submit your questions ahead of time through Facebook or Instagram, and members of the Predental Advisory Committee and others will get you answers.

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Claire Kim

  • Claire Kim is a senior psychology student at Stony Brook University.  She is an international student from South Korea and has been serving as District 2 predental consultant for two years. Currently, she serves on the Predental Advisory Committee (PAC)  for National ASDA. She is the former president of the Stony Brook ASDA predental chapter.  Outside of dentistry, Claire loves traveling and enjoys photography. She also enjoys practicing yoga and being in nature during her free time. 
Hilary Wong

  • Hilary Wong is a senior biochemistry student at Northeastern University. She serves ASDA as the predental consultant and was the former chair of the District 1 Predental Advisory Committee. Outside of ASDA, she enjoys cooking new recipes, visiting art museums, and working out.
Katie Rothas

  • Katie has held various positions within ASDA on the chapter & district level, including Predental Chair and Chapter Co-President. Aside from currently serving as an Associate to the Council on Membership for ASDA, she has also been involved with NYU’s Left-Handed Student Association, Hispanic Student Dental Association, served as both a D1 mentor and student ambassador and was a member of the inaugural cohort of students in the Dental Leaders in Global Public Health Elective, which granted her the opportunity to participate in both an international and local outreach program at NYU.  

Jack Lupfer

  • Jack’s involvement with ASDA began early during his time as an undergraduate and has since grown to include all three levels of leadership—Chapter, District, and National. As a senior in undergrad Jack served on the National Pre-Dental Advisory Committee. The summer after his first year he was fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks in Washington, D.C. as an ADPAC Extern working closely with the ADPAC staff and learning about the functionality and governance components of ASDA, the ADA, and organized health care. During his second year in dental school he served as both Stony Brook Chapter’s President-Elect and District 2’s Advocacy Chair. Currently, Jack is his Chapter President and serves as the District’s Meeting Chair—having just completed planning and executing the 2018 District 2 Meeting in Saratoga Springs, NY with his fellow cabinet members and Trustee.
Bryan Fuerst

  • Bryan has been very active in the pre-dental community, serving as Treasurer and now President of the Pre-Dental Club at Ohio State University, as well as the ASDA chapter of his university. An organization of 240 members is challenging to manage yet also very fulfilling. He enjoys being able to help fellow students with their applications and ease their nerves about being a pre-dental student. Bryan is studying Business Operations with a Spanish minor, and he enjoys the diversity of his academic coursework.  Bryan is also an active member in the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity and has loved his role of New Member Educator. He also enjoys swimming, playing volleyball, and exploring new places. He cares a lot about his family and relationships, and thinks it is very important to balance school, career ambitions, leadership, relationships, and fun and dedicate sufficient time to each aspect of life.