Dental licensure reform has been a priority for ASDA for many years. Due in part to ASDA’s advocacy efforts, we saw rapid change in the licensure process during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students successfully proved to state boards and testing agencies that a live human subject is not necessary to demonstrate competency.

Where are we now in 2021?

Prior to 2020, only 10 states accepted non-patient based alternative exams. As of October 2021, many states have continued accepting the alternatives they did during the pandemic.

  • 47 states (including DC and Puerto Rico) accepted manikin exams for the class of 2021.
  • 18 states have moved to permanently accept manikin exams as an alternative to the live patient exam.
  • 11 states granted the opportunity to apply for a temporary or provisional license for the class of 2021
  • 6 states accepted the DLOSCE for the class of 2021
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Licensure resources

For the most up-to-date information about your state’s licensure requirements, we encourage you to check your state’s dental board website. Here are some additional resources: