MidlevelProviders-02What is a Midlevel Provider?

ASDA identifies a midlevel provider as an individual, who is not a dentist with four years of post-collegiate education (three years in the case of University of the Pacific School of Dentistry), who may perform irreversible procedures on the public.

Due to barriers to care issues, midlevel provider pilot programs have begun to enter the mainstream world of dental health care.

View a timeline of the midlevel model being implemented throughout the United States (click to enlarge).

ASDA Policy on Dental Providers

ASDA’s policy on dental providers states that only a qualified dentist should perform the following functions, including but not limited to:

  1. Examination, diagnosis and treatment planning
  2. Prescribing work authorizations
  3. Performing irreversible dental procedures
  4. Prescribing drugs and/or other medications

What Has ASDA Done?

In Feb. 2016, students from Massachusetts sent letters to lawmakers encouraging them to oppose midlevel provider legislation. Their efforts contributed to the defeat of the bill that year.

ASDA keeps its members abreast of current legislation and other news about the issue of midlevel providers through ASDA’s monthly advocacy newsletter, the Advocacy Brief.

Read what ASDA members are saying about midlevel providers:

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