Make Lobby(ing) your Hobby (2018)

March 14, 2018 at 7:30 PM

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Attending ADA Dentist and Student Lobby Day? Heading to the state capitol for the first time? Register to attend the 2017-18 Council on Advocacy’s Make Lobby(ing) your Hobby webinar. 

You’ll receive key insights to help you prepare for your meeting with your elected official, gain effective strategies for how to approach the face-to-face meeting and learn the best way to ensure a productive relationship with your elected official after the meeting. Register today!


  • Tanya Sue Maestas, Texas-Houston ’18, 2018-19 immediate past president
  • Kyle Lantz, Colorado ’18, 2017-18 legislative coordinator, districts 8&9
  • Sean Aiken, Louisville ’18, 2017-18 district 7 trustee
Moderator: Jonathan Vogel, Texas-Houston ’18, 2017-18 Council on Advocacy chair