The Dental School Experience

October 3, 2018 at 7:30 PM

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What is dental school really like? What are the classes like? How does it differ from undergraduate?  How much studying is there? When do I get to work with patients? Will I have a social life? Do I need a supplemental job? How do I start the process of choosing a specialty? What are the different program options and when do I need to decide which to pursue? Learn the answers to these and other questions during this Predental Month webinar. 
Paul Lamoreau, district 10 trustee, Oregon 
  • Paul is a 4th Year Student at Oregon Health & Sciences University where he serves as Class of 2019 President. He is the ASDA District 10 Trustee, past president of SPEA and just finished his term on the Oregon Dental Association Board of Trustees.
Taleen Kalajian, second delegate, Connecticut '21
  • Taleen Kalajian is a 2017 graduate of Boston University where she received her bachelor degree in Behavior and Health Science from Sargent College for Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She is currently a second year dental student at University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. She has been involved in ASDA for over 4 years now dating back to her time spent serving as the District 1 Pre-Dental Committee Co-Chair during her undergraduate studies. Additionally, last year, she served as her First Year Class Representative, and she now serves as one of the Second Delegates for UConn ASDA. She is passionate about ASDA and has enjoyed serving as both a member and a leader for her peers throughout her time in ASDA.
Brandon Rensch, district 8 trustee, Creighton
  • Brandon Rensch grew up Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Growing up he aspired to adventure unexplored territories and cure the world of disease, but later in life settled on Dentistry. When he’s not dentisting as a 3rd year dental student at Creighton University, he spends his free-time petting strangers' dogs and buying thrift shop aloha shirts. He currently volunteers as both the District 8 trustee for the American Student Dental Association as well as chapter president for ASDA at Creighton.