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Career Compass serves as the source of career guidance for students graduating from dental school, and provides tools and resources to transition to the first step in your professional career.
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Getting Licensed
The final step before becoming a dentist is getting your dental license. The requirements vary by state so it’s important that you know where you want to practice. Learn the steps involved and the requirements by state.
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Selecting a Post-Graduate Program
With over 700 programs, it can be difficult to find the right program for you. Research the programs by specialty and state. Learn from past residents the criteria used to select a program and identify the factors most important to you.
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CareerHome Interview
Interview Tips
Whether you are interviewing for a post-graduate program or associateship, preparation is key. Review these tips to know what questions to ask and how to put your best foot forward.
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Balancing Loan Repayment with Life Choices
According to the American Dental Education Association (ADEA), the average debt per graduating senior in 2017 is $287,331. Repaying this debt is one of the biggest concerns of students about to graduate. Tune in to this webinar hear first-hand how three recent graduates have balanced their loans, family life, buying a practice, residency and much more.
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Browse ASDA's library of books recommended by members and alumni to expand your knowledge of leadership and financial and practice management. Complement your clinical training with CE courses covering hundreds of topics.