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March ContourMarch 2021 – Cosmetic dentistry

In her editor’s note, “Balancing beauty and function,” 2020-21 ASDA Editor-in-Chief Callista Schulenburg, LECOM ‘22, writes: “In restoring teeth, we begin to learn the balance between beauty and function and how dental esthetics can be applied to nearly every facet of dentistry… As dentists, we must hone our skills in listening to our patients’ desires, fears, motivations and goals to help them create smiles that are healthy, functional, and beautiful to them.”

The March issue of Contour explores advances and trends in cosmetic dentistry. Learn about desirable cosmetic changes and procedures dentists can use to address them, dental prosthetics and special-effects projects in Hollywood films, the ethics of whitening children’s teeth, and even why smiles are rare in art history (Hint: It’s not because of historically poor oral hygiene).

The February issue of Contour features one of the first DACA recipients to graduate dental school, two populations that dental providers should not overlook (geriatric patients and minority children), practical tips to reduce implicit bias, racial disparities in pain management and how to overcome them, what it’s like working with the Indian Health Service, how the Iowa ASDA Chapter is championing diversity and inclusion, and more.

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