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Contour August 2021

August 2021 – Futureproofing

In his debut editor’s note, “Prepare for the future,” 2021-22 ASDA Editor-in-Chief Ryan Lee, Texas-Houston ‘23, writes: “The theme of this issue of Contour is ‘futureproofing.’ To futureproof means to prepare for the future. Dental students know it is the reason why their education matters. In this issue, read about the novel ways we can prepare for our career. Learn how three dental students created an app to help visualize key concepts. Then look further into your future and read about how you can continue to learn after graduation.

“To futureproof also means to prevent the worst from happening. For example, will we one day use silver diamine fluoride to unlock the full potential of prevention dentistry? Read how the pandemic may have pushed SDF further into mainstream use.”

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