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May 2024 – New Age Dentistry

Are you prepared for the era of AI-informed patients? If technology is your thing, you’re going to love this issue of Contour. The next generation of dentists will work in an environment unlike any we’ve known before. Theodore Younker (Penn ’25) explores how AI will challenge new dentists to up their game almost as soon as they start practicing. Micah Armstrong (Meharry ’25) and Lauren Jordan (Meharry ’25) provide an intriguing overview of the integration of technology in modern dentistry. And Cami Tussie (Harvard ’25) takes readers on a deep dive into the world of robotics in dental care.

But this new age of dentistry is not without its potential pitfalls. In her editor’s note, “Cautionary Concerns Around AI in Dentistry,” ASDA Editor in Chief Roslyn Joseph (Dental College of Georgia ’24), writes, “As aspiring dental professionals, we must approach these advancements with a discerning eye, considering not only their potential benefits but also the broader implications for patient privacy, security and well-being.”

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