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January 2019 - Public health, dentistry and you
Acting on our commitment to service
Editor-in-Chief David Danesh, Harvard '20, writes: "In our dental school application essays and interviews, many of us talked about the commitment to service we'll have through dental school and
beyond. Dentistry inherently is a profession of service, but how do we dive deeper to deliver on that commitment? 

"Start by thinking about who isn't receiving the dental care they need. According to a 2016 ADA Health Policy Institute research brief, 47.8 percent of children aged 2-18 had a dental visit in the past year, while 43.6 percent of adults 65 and older and 35.5 percent of adults 19-64 years old, had a dental visit in the past year. Why can't everyone in the United States see a dentist? In my view, the lack of dental care utilization in our country must be improved. Finances, geographic access and oral health literacy are all barriers. To improve dental care for everyone and to best serve our patients, we must broaden our view of dentistry outside of the dental office."

The January issue of Contour explores some of the various patient populations you may have to treat as a dentist, as well as what you should know about their unique health care challenges. We also cover how using CAD-CAM technology impacts your relationship with your lab technicians and some tips for using photos to help educate your patients. In addition, take this issue's "City Guide" with you to the 2019 Annual Session, to help you decide which sites you want to see after the conference is over.

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