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September 2020 – Sleep/TMD Wellness

In her editor’s note, “Dream big, dental students,” 2020-21 ASDA Editor-in-Chief Callista Schulenburg, LECOM ‘22, writes: “During my second year of dental school last year, sleep deprivation was my reality. For months, I averaged three to four hours of sleep. In addition to frequently pulling all-nighters to study for various exams, I felt tired all the time. A few months ago, I put my foot down … to get adequate sleep and increase my productivity. By doubling my hours of sleep, my productivity, mental health, physical health and overall outlook on life improved.”

This issue of Contour explores a variety of ways sleep and wellness connect. Learn why we sleep, the importance of sleep, how much sleep we actually need, dentistry’s role within sleep medicine, how technology assists dentists in treating patients with obstructive sleep apnea, and nocturnal bruxism and other sleep disorders, among many other topics.

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