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June/July 2023 – Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

In his editor’s note, Contour Editor-in-Chief Ryan Lee writes, “Dentistry has benefited so much from technology, from advances in infection control to digital dentistry. The dental clinic is practically designed to be a sterile field — the epitomic picture of artificiality. Luckily for us, sustainability does not only mean reverting to simpler times. The more I read about the topic, the more I learned that technology can be used to help inform us about our limited resources and how we can use them less wastefully.

“In Sarah Berry and Kathryn Sorokolit’s article, they wrote about how researchers track the lifecycle of dental equipment and how that information can be used to reduce waste. Sustainability also does not mean less human involvement. As Yuying Guo and Jason Juang shared in their article, Harvard’s sustainability efforts required a proactive effort to build a ‘Green Team.’ Clearly, a post-sustainable society means both a progression in science and intentional human effort — one that I look forward to.”

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