Post-graduate Programs

Nearly 40% of new graduates continue their education in a post-graduate program. Whether you choose to enhance your general dentistry knowledge or pursue a specialty, post-graduate programs can improve your skills before you begin to practice. Acceptance into programs can be as competitive as dental school so it's important to start preparing now.

Finding and Selecting a Program

With over 700 post-graduate programs available, it is important to do your research to find the best match for you.

Applying to a Program

Understand the difference between ADEA PASS and Match, learn about ADAT and other application requirements, and be prepared when you are ready to apply.

Writing your CV

Your CV is the first impression you make with program directors and can determine whether you get invited to interview. Learn tips to craft a CV that makes an impact and demonstrates your most valuable qualifications.

Preparing for the Interview

The interview can be a powerful tool to ensure that the residency you choose is the right fit. These tips will help prepare you for the best interview experience possible.

Starting your Residency

Follow these tips to start off your residency strong and make the most of your experience.