Hometown: Long Island, NY

Chapter: SBU Pre-Dental Society

Graduation Year: 2024

Position Held At Chapter: President


Why do you want to be a dentist?
As an oral surgical assistant of 5 years, I have had the opportunity to offer reassurance and moral support to many apprehensive dental patients undergoing dental procedures. In order to help relieve the dental anxieties in patients, I have experienced many situations that have required unique problem-solving strategies that have led me to evolve as a leader. Amidst all of this, I realized that there is no greater satisfaction that one can have than using and sharpening self-attained skills to help others in such an impactful way. Ultimately, I look forward to a life providing first-hand rewarding experiences like these, helping others overcome their dental anxieties and creating a positive oral health care environment.

What are you most excited about for dental school?
I am most excited to be one step closer to living my dream of being a dentist. I am excited to begin my journey learning about the procedural and conceptual aspects of dental medicine. Most importantly, I am excited to meet other dental students like myself, who share a common love for the art and knowledge of dentistry!

Why do you think you’ll make a good dentist?
With the degree of sincere passion I have developed and am continuing to develop for the field of dentistry, I believe I will be able to offer genuine compassion and empathy to the people I will be of service to. Genuine compassion and empathy are both crucial for providing rewarding experiences for people in need of dental professional service.

What excites you most about ASDA?
I am most excited to collaborate, network and ultimately form lifelong connections with other leaders within the field of dental medicine. I am eager to learn from other pre-dentals, dental students, and dental professionals to advance and refine my leadership and collaboration skills both inside and outside of dentistry.