Brian Agustin Perez

First Impression - Predental

Hometown: Hialeah, FL

Chapter: University of Florida

Graduation Year: 2023

Position Held At Chapter: Board of Director for Professional Development (ASDA)

Brian Perez

Why do you want to be a dentist? It is a combination of things! I love working with my hands, giving back to my community, meeting new people and continuous learning. I feel dentistry brings all those aspects into one neat package. I knew dentistry was the right path for me after I did an internship and worked as a dental assistant. Working with all the intricacies is always fun and working in teams adds to it. Seeing the impact this career has on people’s lives from first-hand experience is what solidified this decision for me.

What are you most excited about for dental school? I am extremely excited to learn about dentistry and to be with like-minded people! Surrounding myself with predental students is great because you make connections that will last a lifetime and I feel that it will be the same in dental school.

What do you value most about being an ASDA member? What I value most is being able to help one another achieve our goals. This organization has amazing students working for it everyday in order to give everyone the resources they need to be a successful predental student. I’m super proud to be a part of this organization