Hometown: Mountain Brook, AL

Chapter: University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry

Graduation Year: 2023

Position Held At Chapter: President-Elect

Bryna Martinez

How has ASDA helped you build your leadership skills? ASDA has helped build my leadership skills by providing leadership opportunities as early as my first year of dental school. ASDA has encouraged my involvement and input, making me want to do the same for incoming executive members. I hope to continue to learn from the leadership experiences ASDA has offered me.

What do you think is the most vital quality in a leader? I think the most vital quality in a leader is their communication skills. Without proper communication skills, leading a group is extremely challenging. Through my leadership in ASDA, I have developed my communication skills and plan on continuing to build my abilities.

Why should members get involved with ASDA leadership positions? Members should get involved with ASDA leadership positions because of the connections you make through ASDA and the experience gained working with fellow dental students. The relationships you make will last past dental school and into your professional career as a dentist. 

What future leadership roles in organized denstiry interest you and why? ASDA has set me up very well for leadership roles in organized dentistry. I hope to continue my involvement in organized dentistry by taking on leadership roles in the American Dental Association. Taking on a leadership role in organized dentistry is a way for me to continue what I have started in ASDA.