Hometown: Whitehall, Pennsylvania

Chapter: University of Pennsylvania

Graduation Year: 2024

Position Held At Chapter: President


How has ASDA helped you build your leadership skills?
As the current president of ASDA at Penn for the academic year 2023-24, I have had the invaluable opportunity to enhance my leadership skills through active involvement in the organization. Leading a chapter involves collaborating with various committees, outside organizations, and people from all backgrounds. Working alongside other dedicated members of the chapter, ASDA has provided a dynamic platform for me to apply and further develop my leadership skills. Engaging with the chapter's members, coordinating initiatives, and contributing to the overall growth of the organization have been instrumental in my personal and professional development. The diverse and supportive community within ASDA has allowed me to learn, adapt, and thrive as a leader.

Moreover, my involvement in ASDA has emphasized the importance of effective communication, teamwork, and strategic planning. 

What do you think is the most vital quality in a leader?
The most vital quality in a leader is the willingness to make sacrifices and decisions that truly allow the organization to grow. As leaders, we must make sure everyone is equipped with all the resources necessary for their success. Equally crucial is the capacity to attentively listen and communicate with team members, collaboratively striving towards a shared vision that optimally serves the organization and the students it encompasses

Why should members get involved with ASDA leadership positions?
Engaging in Asda leadership opens doors to meaningful connections with mentors, fostering valuable experiences and relationships. Within the ASDA organization, you gain access to abundant resources that prove beneficial not only throughout dental school but also throughout your entire professional journey. Being a member of this supportive and dynamic community provides extensive opportunities to learn from both peers and leaders, contributing significantly to your personal and professional growth.

What future leadership roles in organized dentistry interest you and why?
In the future, my goal is to take on a position where I can actively serve my community by imparting knowledge on the significance of oral health care and persistently advocating for improved accessibility to dental services. Additionally, I aspire to maintain strong ties with pre-doc ASDA chapters, offering mentorship and support to students in dental schools.