Hometown: Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

Chapter: East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine

Graduation Year: 2024

Position Held At Chapter: President


How has ASDA helped you build your leadership skills?
No matter how many people you have led and no matter for how long, you always have more to grow. Despite serving in a leadership role for more than half of my life, ASDA has expanded previous skills and developed new ones. The fundamentals of leadership may be the same, but I engage with an audience of dental professionals differently than Boy Scouts or lifeguards. I have developed better communication and have learned to be more hands off (the student leaders in ASDA are incredible).

What do you think is the most vital quality in a leader?
The most important quality a leader should display, in my opinion, is integrity. Leaders are those that establish expectations for behavior among a group. By serving as an example of reliability, trustworthiness, strong morality, and ethical decision making, a leader can create a foundation for future success and improve the character of those that they lead.

Why should members get involved with ASDA leadership positions?
ASDA is THE place in organized student dentistry to flourish as a leader. ASDA has excellent resources to support developing leaders’ skills, which will help them succeed as a dentist in the future. Additionally, ASDA has an incredible network of like-minded professionals willing to help leaders succeed. With so many opportunities to serve, and many skills needed, it is the place to be.

What future leadership roles in organized denstiry interest you and why?
I am not inherently interested in a singular role within organized dentistry. I desire the progression of our profession and advancement of public health more than titles or accolades. I hope to serve dentists and the community at large wherever I feel that I can be beneficial and wherever my peers feel that I can make the world a better place. I am confident that I can do that in any role within organized dentistry but hope to obtain a role where I can do the most good.