Hometown: Lakewood, Colorado

Chapter: University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

Graduation Year: 2023

Position Held At Chapter: President


How has ASDA helped you build your leadership skills?
ASDA has helped me step out of my comfort zone and be more yielding to my team when appropriate. ASDA has helped me keep an open mind and give merit where merit is due. This helped me build my leadership skills because by constantly learning through my mistakes, taking risks and learning to follow others, I am able to discover effective solutions, motivate my team and prime myself for challenges we face especially during the global pandemic.

What do you think is the most vital quality in a leader?
In my own experience, the most successful leaders I have seen are those who demonstrate a lot of gratitude and motivation. Leaders must be able to motivate their team as well as recognize the time and effort put forth by each member. I have learned throughout my time in leadership that a small token of appreciation and gratitude goes a long way whether it be through words of affirmation or in quality time spent with team members. Without motivation in a leader, there is no inspiration for the team. There is no vision and no clear goal, which does not contribute to being an effective leader.

Why should members get involved with ASDA leadership positions?
Members should not think of leadership positions in ASDA simply as a title. It should be thought of as an avenue of growth and networking. I believe that most growth can be attained by stepping beyond the line of fear and discomfort. Never would I have thought I would be able to speak in front of an audience let alone lead an organization. However, with my desire to be a part of organized dentistry, I was able to not only grow as a person, but professionally within my career by to networking with the many thousands of individuals who share the same goal.

What future leadership roles in organized denstiry interest you and why?
I am interested in being involved in ASDA at the District level. Colorado ASDA is in District 9. I had the opportunity to attend the District 9 Leadership retreat where I was able to network with the three (soon to be four) schools in Texas and in Oklahoma. This was a new experience being able to network and work with students on a larger scale than at my local level.