Hometown: Bemidji, Minnesota

Chapter: Nebraska

Graduation Year: 2025

Position Held At Chapter: President


How has ASDA helped you build your leadership skills?
The opportunity to serve as the ASDA president in Nebraska has helped me build so many amazing leadership skills but the one that sticks out to me is advocacy. Being able to attend Lobby Day and NLC has shown me the power of using your voice as a leader and how it can create dynamic changes from being able to speak up for change yourself or inspiring others around you to take action. ASDA is filled with so many great leaders that continue to motivate me and so many others through advocacy and continuing to push the profession of dentistry forward in an extraordinary way!

What do you think is the most vital quality in a leader?
I think the most important quality in a leader is communication. I think having the capacity to allow seamless exchanges of ideas and information is crucial for success when working with people. Having a leader with great communication skills creates a great team environment to participate in.

Why should members get involved with ASDA leadership positions?
I think ASDA members should get engaged with leadership roles as participating in organized dentistry is so rewarding. Leadership allows us to create new relationships, collaborate with other people that share the same passion for dentistry, and grow our next generation of leaders that will continue to improve the field of dentistry. I also think that getting involved is so much fun as dental students are just simply amazing!

What future leadership roles in organized dentistry interest you and why?
A future leadership position that I would be interested in is serving on my states dental association so I can get more involved in organized dentistry and continue to inspire dentists and dental students to keep making changes to protect and advance the interests and welfare of dentists and dental students.