Get Into Dental School

Now that you’ve established your ultimate career goal — becoming a dentist — it’s time to start using ASDA resources to help you achieve it.
Only 50% of applicants are accepted into dental school each year. Predental ASDA membership will provide you with the best opportunity to stand apart from your competition and improve your chances of getting into dental school.

As a member, you’ll receive The Guide to Getting Into Dental School. This handbook contains tuition information, undergraduate requirements, application requirements and statistics for all 66 U.S. dental schools. It also provides helpful information on the predental timeline, the DAT, interviewing, choosing a school and more.
In addition, you will also begin receiving ASDA’s quarterly e-newsletter, The Polished Predental.

Before You Apply

There are several critical steps to take before applying. These include developing a strong academic record, taking required courses, shadowing a dentist, researching schools, knowing what being a dental student and dentist entails and preparing for your biggest test yet. 

  • Predental timeline 
  • U.S. dental schools 
  • A day in the life of a dental student
  • Life of a dentist
  • Predental organizer
  • Predental shadowing guide 
  • Preparing for the DAT
  • Paying for dental school
  • Non-traditional student resources 
  • Applying to Dental School

    The application cycle for the class entering in Fall 2019 has opened. It can take 2-8 weeks to process and deliver your application, so be sure to apply early. Your application will include your personal statement, which will play a critical factor in your being accepted into dental school You will also need to include your DAT scores and letters of evaluation. 

  • Letters of evaluation 
  • Crafting your personal statement
  • Tips for the ADEA AADSAS application
  • Post-application

    Now that you have applied, it’s time to prepare for the most crucial step, the interview. Getting an invite to interview does not guarantee your acceptance. You will need to not only be prepared for the standard questions, you will need to showcase why deserve to be chosen over many others. Upon gaining acceptance you will then make a critical and nearly irreversible decision, choosing a school. 

  • Interview tips
  • Choosing a school 
  • Getting through dental school 
  • Education and Events

    ASDA programming covers every step of the predental timeline. There is a wealth of opportunities to learn from advisors, faculty, dental student and fellow predentals. These programs are either in-person and virtual, so you can choose your preferred learning method. Regardless of your style, each program offers a unique opportunity to learn, engage and network with your fellow members. 

  • Predental webinars 
  • National ASDA Meetings
  • Predental Chapter and Club Resources

    Joining a predental chapter or club is great opportunity to learn, share and engage with a group of like-minded peers. It also demonstrates your commitment to your future profession, something admissions staff will appreciate.

  • Predental club resources 
  • ASDA predental chapters
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