(L to R) Neil Thomas, Michigan; Sean Lee, Stony Brook; Chijioke Ulasi, Alabama; Rachel Bush, Las Vegas; Stephen Rogers, Buffalo; Angela Walter, Temple; Kim Kelly, ASDA; Jerad Servais, Minnesota; David Danesh, Harvard

The Editorial Board develops and manages the content and format of ASDA’s print publication, Contour, as well as the blog, Mouthing Off

Current Members

  • Stephen Rogers, Buffalo, editor-in-chief
  • David Danesh, Harvard, contributing editor
  • Sean Lee, Stony Brook, contributing editor
  • Neil Thomas, Michigan, contributing editor
  • Chijioke Ulasi, Alabama, contributing editor
  • Angela Walter, Temple, contributing editor
  • Rachel Bush, Las Vegas, electronic editor
  • Jerad Servais, Minnesota, electronic editor
  • Danielle Bauer, CAE, ASDA Staff Liaison

Past accomplishments:

  • Contour: ASDA launched its premier magazine, Contour, in January 2017. The Editorial Board and staff worked with a consultant and held focus groups with members to determine the feasibility and preferences for a new publication. The Editorial Board incorporated the best of ASDA News and Mouth to create one flagship magazine for the association. Contour publishes 10x/year, with combined issues in June/July and November/December. Digital issues are available here. Student authors welcome — learn how you can write for ASDA
  • Video Blog Subcommittee: The Editorial Board created a subcommittee to develop brief 1-2 minute-videos to use on the blog. Five members were appointed to the committee and several videos have been posted on Mouthing Off.
  • Photo pool: ASDA put out a call for members to join our photo pool to provide high-quality photos that can be used in publications, website and marketing materials. Each month, members are asked to submit photos pertaining to the theme of Contour, and the best submissions are featured in that issue. Become part of the photo pool.
  • Diversity in ASDA's publications: The Editorial Board launched a diversity series in Contour to advance awareness of the underrepresented demographics in dental school. Featured topics include: race, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities.

2016-17 Editorial Board Annual Report