Many ASDA chapters host Lunch and Learns at their schools. Due to the adoption of pharm-free policies by universities across the U.S., some dental schools now face serious limitations in regards to these events. 

ASDA Policy

ASDA’s E-10 Freedom to Invite Vendors/Speakers Policy states: “The American Student Dental Association encourages the administrators of all U.S. accredited dental schools to grant ASDA leaders the autonomy to select and invite dental supply companies and speakers to visit their school in order to heighten their knowledge and broaden their exposure to dental products prior to venturing into dental practice.”

What ASDA Has Done

A position paper, The Importance of Lunch and Learns to Dental Students, prepared by members of ASDA's former Council on Education summarized the benefits of attending these sessions.

A second document, Challenges and Solutions for Hosting Lunch and Learns, offers solutions to students experiencing administrative roadblocks related to hosting an event. There are two major categories of challenges: policy conflict and content limitations. It is our hope that the information presented in these resources will be helpful in spurring creative ideas to maintain and foster lunch and learns at any dental school.


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