NLC Scholarships

Regardless of your prior ASDA experience, if you’re ready to invest in your growth as a leader, this opportunity is for you:  Apply for an NLC scholarship with ASDA! Five ASDA members will be selected for the scholarship and will be funded by ASDA to attend the 2023 National Leadership Conference.

Applications are now closed. 

Scholarship notifications will be sent via email the week of September 24.

Learn more about the impact of an NLC scholarship from some of our 2022 recipients.


“I learned so much about the possibilities that dentistry offers me. In the realm of practice management, I learned about practice ownership, specializing, and DSOs. In leadership, I learned about how I can be a dental advocate and leader in my chapter, state, and even nationally. Overall, NLC gave me so many opportunities to learn about topics not generally covered in my dental school curriculum.” -Michelle, Los Angeles ’25

“My advice to future scholarship recipients is to maximize your time and make the most of your own experience! This includes creating your own individualized schedule and attending the sessions that intrigue you the most. Also, network with the speakers and students around you. There is so much you can learn, take advantage of this experience! My last piece of advice is to reflect after the conference and begin to implement the things that you learned.” -Morghan, Howard ’25

“…Through the inspiring sessions, networking, introduction to new dental concepts and techniques, and new skills I have gained from NLC, not only do I feel ready for graduation, but I am excited to begin my dental career and hopefully someday inspire dental students in the same way in which I was inspired at NLC.” -Olivia, North Carolina ’23

Email with any questions.