President ThinkstockPhotos-476830016-gavel

The president is responsible for the representation and overall management of their local ASDA chapter. The president implements necessary improvements to strengthen and build their chapter and should assign the following chapter management responsibilities to appointed or elected leaders of the chapter:

  • Recruiting and retaining members
  • Establishing and maintaining a functional chapter structure and developing governance documents to reflect structure
  • Selecting and managing the local leadership team
  • Participating in local and state dental society activities
  • Planning chapter activities 
  • Communicating chapter and national initiatives to members
  • Leading advocacy efforts on behalf of members


The treasurer serves as the chief financial officer and manages all finances of the chapter. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Create and monitor chapter budget
  • Handle chapter banking transactions 
  • Approve and process all requests for funds from other chapter leaders
  • File annual report at the end of the year to comply with IRS
  • Work closely with the membership chair in maintaining accurate records of membership payments received and the timely submission of remittance to the ASDA central office.

Membership ChairThinkstockPhotos-500100615-member

The membership chair is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members and educating members on the benefits of ASDA. Specific responsibilities include:

Direct Responsibilities:

  • If chapter is not auto-enroll, recruit first-year, advanced standing/IDP students and non-member upperclassmen and connect with national ASDA to register members
  • If chapter is auto-enroll, work with the school and/or sponsors to ensure renewal of current members and collection of information for D1s and new advanced standing students
  • Organize membership drives and events to introduce students to ASDA
  • Organize ‘ASDA Fever Week’
  • Inform members of national and local benefits
  • May submit membership data and dues payments to the ASDA central office through the chapter portal
  • Maintain chapter membership records
  • Educate members on national ASDA member benefits

Potential Additional Responsibilities:

  • Explore and implement ways to increase member benefits at a chapter level (group orders on scrubs, etc.)
  • May work with local or state dental societies to increase members’ opportunities to get involved in organized dentistry during school and after graduation
  • Work closely with school administration or previous membership chair to ensure membership year is successful

Legislative Liaison (LL)ThinkstockPhotos-100796574-capitol

The LL serves to inform members of local, state and national legislative issues of interest to dental students and the profession. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Organize grassroots initiatives including, but not limited to, ADPAC membership drives, meet and greets, Engage alerts, voter registration drives and lunch & learns
  • Educate chapter members on ASDA advocacy initiatives
  • Organize activities for Advocacy Month
  • Remain current on legislative issues that affect dental students within their state; communicate information to the chapter and the district legislative coordinator
  • Report chapter activities to the legislative coordinator as needed
  • Participate in or organize state lobby day
  • Develops annual chapter advocacy goals

Wellness ChairThinkstockPhotos-539453360-wellness

The wellness chair oversees all activities and initiatives for members focused on health and well-being. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Organize wellness events throughout the year for members
  • Sign up your chapter to participate in Wellness Month
  • Educate members about resources for all five dimensions of wellness
  • Encourage members to participate in monthly wellness challenges
  • Work with administration to ensure members are aware of all on-campus health and wellness resources

Fundraising ChairThinkstockPhotos-615104368-money

The fundraising chair manages all activities and initiatives that raise funds for the chapter or a charitable organization. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Organize the annual vendor fair, golf outing, auction or other events that raise funds for the chapter
  • Oversee sales of apparel, food, supplies or other items to raise money
  • Work with community service chair to identify charitable organizations to donate funds to
  • Contact local, regional and national organizations regarding sponsorship of events and lunch and learns
  • Coordinate lunch and learns with vendors

Predental ChairThinkstockPhotos-99942855-predental

The predental chair is responsible for the promotion and management of predental membership and related activities. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Recruit predental members to ASDA and educate students about member benefits
  • Reach out to local predental clubs to promote ASDA Predental Month in October and other predental campaigns of the national office
  • Organize a Predental Day at the dental school and encourage attendees to join ASDA
  • Educate predental members on transitioning from ASDA predental to predoctoral membership

Communications ChairThinkstockPhotos-486765084-communications

The communications chair oversees all efforts to communicate to members through the website, newsletters, social media, email and other means. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Create and maintain chapter website
  • Create and distribute chapter newsletter, either via print or electronically
  • Create social media pages for chapter to highlight events, news and share content from national ASDA
  • Work with committee chairs to communicate chapter activities and opportunities to members
  • Develop chapter logo and brand all events with logo, signage and/or banner