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Continuing Education provides daily dental news, information and education for the dental industry. ASDA members receive a complimentary unlimited CE subscription for one year on all of the courses in the online CE library. There are more than 110 courses featuring topics such as general dentistry, handling dental emergencies, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, materials and more.

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Job Matching


DoccupationsLooking for work in the competitive dental profession has just gotten a whole lot easier with the online algorithmic dental job matching service, Doccupations.

Doccupations is the quick, easy way to locate jobs that meet your preferences. You just set up a profile, answer a few key questions, and you’re ready to find employers in the dental profession who are looking for dental associates just like you. And now, as a member of ASDA, your benefits include a one-year free membership in Doccupations! In addition to matching you with dental jobs, Doccupations also features blogs containing helpful practice management tools, career search advice and general tips for your overall well-being.

Your membership begins the moment you create a profile, but you will not start matching until three months before your graduation date. Your membership will continue for nine months after graduation. We hope that during this period you find the job that’s just right for you. So, take advantage of another benefit of ASDA by clicking here, and finding out what Doccupations can do for you.

Promo Code: ASDADOC

*Terms: Promo code ASDADOC expires on 12/31/18. ASDADOC is available for one FREE annual job seeker membership. All standard Doccupations terms and conditions apply.

ADA Practice Starter KitYou can get 25% off the member price of ADA catalog products just by being an ASDA member. Visit the ADA catalog by clicking here

Products include the ADA Practical Guides on topics like associateships, valuing a practice, dental office design, frequently asked legal questions and more. You can purchase separate guides or the entire ADA Practice Starter Kit. There are also resources available on HIPAA, coding and OSHA. Visit the ADA catalog now to see what's available.

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Crack the DAT

Crack the DAT has been a trusted resource amongst predental students preparing for the Dental Admission Test for more than 10 years. Simulate DAT exams with the same look and feel while learning from video explanations and interactive tutorials. Find out why predentals rely and depend on Crack the DAT towards achieving an outstanding DAT score.

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Memorang and ASDA have teamed up to provide you with the ultimate DAT study companion with flashcards, quizzes, and games to help you score higher:

  • Convenient: Study anywhere, anytime with web, iOS, and Android apps
  • Effective: Master key concepts and test your knowledge with practice questions and games
  • Personalized: Track your progress, focus on weak skill areas, and study your own way
  • Fun: Choose your favorite avatar, compete on global leaderboards, and play learning games
  • Customizable: Build and share custom study playlists and add in your own supplementary flashcards for free

Written by the brightest minds of ASDA and powered by Memorang's robust platform built by MIT engineers, we’ve built one of the easiest ways to learn. Memorang uses spaced repetition, adaptive learning, and a gamified approach so you can solidify your test-readiness in the most efficient and engaging way. Each section of the Natural Sciences is organized just for pre-dental students, and offered at a student friendly price. ASDA members receive 25% off (contact for the ASDA coupon code). Purchase now to get all future updates (new practice questions, more sections of the exam, new features and game modes) for free!