Feb. 20, 2022: ASDA Elects 2022-2023 Executive Committee and Board of Trustees

February 20, 2022 - The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) elected its 2022-23 national president, vice presidents and speaker of the house at Annual Session on February 18-20 in Louisville, Kentucky. The national leaders were chosen by the House of Delegates, which represents 67 U.S. dental schools.

Anigbo-JustinaJustina Anigbo, Indiana '23
Justina Anigbo, Indiana ’23, will serve as ASDA's president. Angibo is the first African American woman to serve in this position. The president chairs the board of trustees, which oversees the development and implementation of the association's strategic plan and approves the annual budget. As chair of the executive committee, she is also responsible for managing association business between meetings of the board. The two vice presidents and the speaker serve alongside her as members of the board and the executive committee.

Anigbo most recently served as ASDA's District 7 trustee overseeing seven chapters and as board liaison to the Council on Advocacy. Anigbo has held positions as treasurer for the Class of 2023 Indiana University School of Dentistry, treasurer of the IU Chapter of ASDA and Vice President of the IU Chapter of the Student Professionalism and Ethics Association.  She has served as a student representative for both the Indiana Dental Association on the D&I Committee and the American Dental Association Council on Communications. Anigbo is also pursuing her Master of Public Health degree.

“Community is important to the dental student experience because no one can survive dental school alone, and there is so much strength in numbers. Dental students are the future of our profession. If we want to impact change for the students that come behind us and for the profession that is laid before us, we have to use that collective voice.

Huynh-SammySammy Huynh, South Carolina ’23
Sammy Huynh, South Carolina ’23, and Ryan Kaminsky, Pennsylvania ’23, were elected as ASDA vice presidents.

Huynh recently completed his term as ASDA’s District 4 trustee, having also served as board liaison to ASDA’s Council on Communications. He is also ASDA’s consultant to the ADA Council of Dental Benefits Programs. Huynh began his ASDA leadership by serving as a predental chair on District 4’s board.

“Having a positive, can-do attitude is contagious and I believe I can bring that energy to keep a team empowered. I am committed to development and helping the team grow in their skills, confidence, and professionalism and look forward to serving ASDA in that capacity.”

Kaminsky-RyanRyan Kaminisky, Pennsylvania ’23
Kaminsky recently served as ASDA’s District 3 trustee, board liaison to the Committee on Sessions and Pennsylvania ASDA Chapter President. He is also ASDA’s Consultant to the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs.

“My dedication for ASDA is unparalleled and has shaped my career. It is an honor to serve an association that has given me so much. I want to be a part of shaping how this organization impacts our journeys, from pre-dental to dentist.”

Koutrakis-NicholasNicholas Koutrakis, Columbia '23
Nicholas Koutrakis, Columbia '23 was elected ASDA's speaker of the house. The speaker presides over all House of Delegates meetings, instructs delegates on rules and procedures, and informs delegates and members about the resolution process. Koutrakis has served in the ASDA District 2 Cabinet. Prior to dental school, he worked as project manager at the technology company Epic Systems.

“At the end of the day, I would never want members to feel as though their voices and opinions aren't being heard. That is the kind of leader and the kind of person I strive to be - a voice for the people and a friend on which anyone can rely.” 

Board of Trustees

The 2022-23 Board of Trustees were also elected at Annual Session. The Board of Trustees is responsible for administration and management of the association. Each trustee represents one of 11 ASDA districts.

District 1
Shafa Nathani, Tufts ’24

District 2
Gil Barahman, Stony Brook ’24
District 3
Emma Wilkinson, Pennsylvania ’24
District 4
Jenna Chun, Virginia ’24
District 5
Victoria Carroll, LECOM ’23


District 6
Lauren Ames, Ohio ’23

District 7
Judd Burns, Louisville ’24
District 8
Zane Keller, Missouri-Kansas City ’23


District 9
Clara Kohlmetz, Texas-Houston ’23

District 10
Christopher Elkhal, Oregon ’24

District 11
Nicole Anderson, UCLA ’24