Getting Through Dental School

Getting Through Dental SchoolASDA's Guide for Predoctoral Students

Predoctoral members receive Getting Through Dental School: ASDA’s Guide for Predoctoral Students as a benefit of joining ASDA. In this handbook, you will find:

  • The dental school experience
    Learn successful study habits, how to get organized for class and clinic, manage dental school stress and obtain your license.
  • #HumansofASDA: Dental students tell all
    Real dental students share what they enjoy, find challenging and look forward to in each year of dental school. 
  • Preparing for Graduation
    Where will you practice? Will you specialize? ASDA has resources to guide you through the career decisions you’ll need to make right after graduation.
  • Your ASDA membership
    See how ASDA’s benefits will help you throughout your dental school experience.

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