The speaker of the House of Delegates is elected by the House of Delegates at Annual Session to serve a year-long term. The speaker presides over the House of Delegates business meetings at Annual Session and serves as a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees which oversees the development and implementation of the association strategic plan and approves the annual budget.

Applications for the 2020-21 Speaker of the House are now closed.

Speaker of the House
Term Length: Annual Session 2020 - Annual Session 2021

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be an active predoctoral member at the time of application and throughout the term of office.
  2. Will complete projects or resolutions assigned by the House of Delegates.
  3. Must be able to attend all required meetings listed below and conference calls when necessary.
  4. Must be able to complete assignments and responsibilities by established deadlines.
Required Meetings

Must attend and actively participate in the following meetings (click here for exact dates):

  • ASDA Annual Sessions, 2020 (if elected, must attend 8-10 a.m. board meeting on March 8, 2020) and 2021
  • All Board of Trustees Meetings
  • Spring Council and Board of Trustees Meeting 2020
  • Fall Council and Board of Trustees Meeting 2020
  • ADA Annual Session 2020
  • National Leadership Conference 2020
  • May attend parliamentary procedure training


House of Delegates management

  • Instructs delegates about the rules and procedures of the House of Delegates.
  • Informs delegates and members of the association about the actions taken in fulfillment of the directives of the resolutions adopted by the House of Delegates.
  • Determines the order of business for each House of Delegates meeting.
  • Appoints and coordinates reference committees and delegate reviewers at the House of Delegates.
  • Coordinates Executive Committee and speaker elections at ASDA Annual Session.

Board of Trustees

  • Reviews quarterly financial reports. 
  • Monitors strategic plan goals. 
  • Provides feedback on the budget. 
  • Provides feedback on the appointment of national leaders.
  • Oversees the work of all council and committee members. 
  • Serves on Governance Committee.