District trustees serve as members of ASDA’s national Board of Trustees, which oversees the development and implementation of the strategic plan, approves the annual budget and appoints national leaders. Trustees represent the members of your district, create and manage a cabinet, and plan a district meeting.

To prepare for trustee elections on Saturday, Feb. 24, review the candidates' applications below.

District 1
Ammaar Tajani
Jake Cantrell
District 2
Jordan Sahawneh
Kristen Johnson
District 3
Simona Loshi
Lauren Hogstrom
District 4
Nitish Aggarwal
Allison Tempel
District 5
John Russo

Nova Southeastern ’25

John Russo short-answer questions (PDF)
District 6
Mollie Falchook
District 7
Julie Luo
Darius Warner
District 8
Tyler Jenness
District 9
Seth Hartman
District 10
Payal Patel
District 11
Michelle Chiang
Shana Tadha