Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of ASDA and is responsible for administration and management of the association. Each trustee represents one of 11 ASDA districts. View this map to see which district you are a part of.

President Sydney Shapiro
Sydney Shapiro
Columbia ’21
VP Aditi Desai
Aditi Desai
Vice President
Roseman ’21
VP Gerry Scannell
Gerry Scannell
Vice President
Louisiana ’21
Speaker Joseph Manzella
Joseph Manzella
Speaker of the House
Stony Brook '21
D1 Alia Osseiran
Alia Osseiran
District 1 Trustee
Tufts '22
D2 Michelle Skelton
Michelle Skelton
District 2 Trustee
Columbia '22
D3 casey White
Casey White
District 3 Trustee
Pittsburgh '21
D4 Christina Aponte
Christina Aponte
District 4 Trustee
Meharry '22
D5 Megan Duhon
Megan Duhon
District 5 Trustee
Louisiana '21
D6 Malika Malik
Malika Malik
District 6 Trustee
Michigan '21
D7 Cameron Ainslie
Cameron Ainslie
District 7 Trustee
Kentucky '21
D8 Colton Cannon

Colton Cannon
District 8 Trustee
Minnesota '23

D9 Joy Nisnisan
Joy Nisnisan
District 9 Trustee
Texas-Houston '22
D10 Charles Buchanan
Charles Buchanan
District 10 Trustee
Las Vegas '21
D11 Anthoula Vlachos
Anthoula Vlachos 
District 11 Trustee
Pacific '21
EIC Callista Schulenburg
Callista Schulenburg
IPP Craig McKenzie
Craig McKenzie
Immediate Past President 
Pennsylvania ’21

Nancy Honeycutt
Executive Director
ASDA Central Office