Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of ASDA and is responsible for administration and management of the association. Each trustee represents one of 11 ASDA districts. View this map to see which district you are a part of.

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Shafa Nathani
Tufts ’24

Christopher Elkhal
Vice President
Oregon ’24

Judd Burns
Vice President
Louisville ’24

Joseph Linser
Speaker of the House
Ohio ’24

Tareina Rogers
District 1 Trustee
Tufts ’25

Shivam Jauhar
District 2 Trustee
Buffalo ’24

Samarth Setru
District 3 Trustee
Pennsylvania ’25

Natalie Benkandil
District 4 Trustee
South Carolina ’25

Brooke Badeaux
District 5 Trustee
Louisiana ’25

Mikaela Gisch
District 6 Trustee
Case Western  ’24

Chase Perkins
District 7 Trustee
Indiana ’24

Lauren Brown
District 8 Trustee
Missouri-Kirksville ’25

Loren Matrone
District 9 Trustee
Texas-Houston ’25

Zaki Minas
District 10 Trustee
Arizona ’24

Robert Zhou
District 11 Trustee
Pacific ’24

Justina Anigbo
Immediate Past President
Indiana ’23

Nancy Honeycutt
Executive Director
ASDA Central Office