For both of the committees below, Board of Trustees members are appointed to a one-year term. Outside applications are not accepted for these committees.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee reviews the ASDA governance documents and proposes changes to keep documents current. The committee ensures that all ASDA documents are consistent with the governing documents.

Current Members

  • President Shafa Nathani, Tufts ’24, committee chair
  • Speaker of the House Joseph Linser, Ohio ’24
  • District 5 Trustee Brooke Badeaux, Louisiana ’25
  • District 4 Trustee Natalie Benkandil, South Carolina ’25
  • Stephanie Follett, ASDA Staff Liaison

2022-23 Governance Committee Annual Report

Committee on Sessions

The Committee on Sessions is responsible for the planning of the upcoming Annual Session. The committee maintains the importance of governance and policy associated with the Annual Session.

Current Members

  • Vice President Christopher Elkhal, Oregon ’24 committee chair
  • District 3 Trustee Samarth Setru, Pennsylvania ’25
  • District 8 Trustee Lauren Brown, Missouri-Kirksville ’25
  • Kerri Roesch, ASDA Staff Liaison
  • Madyson DeJausserand, ASDA Staff Liaison

2022-23 Committee on Sessions Annual Report