Turning Your Ideas Into Actions

A resolution is a formal request or action that is presented to the House of Delegates for consideration. Delegates present discussion for or against a specific resolution, then the House votes to determine the outcome.

A resolution is the appropriate course of action if you need to:

Resolution writing may seem daunting but if you follow these easy steps, you’ll be on your way to making your mark on ASDA.

1. Do some research 

  • Review ASDA’s Current Statements on Position or Policy – there might already be a policy in place that captures what you want to do (or you might find a similar policy that you believe needs a revision).

2. Draft your resolution  

3. Reach out your ASDA leader  

  • When your draft resolution is properly drafted, reach out to your district trustee or Speaker of the House to discuss your idea.
  • National leaders have extensive experience with ASDA policy and will be able to help you focus your resolution.

4. Submit your resolution  

  • The final deadline to submit a resolution is until the start of House of Delegates meeting I. Submit to Resolutions@ASDAnet.org.

5. Your resolution is assigned to a Reference Committee  

  • At Annual Session, your resolution will be assigned to a reference committee.
  • Reference committees are tasked with reviewing each resolution before it is voted on at the House. The reference committees are comprised of an executive committee member, trustees and delegate reviewers from each district.
  • Resolutions will be presented at Annual Session during reference committee hearings.  All attendees have the opportunity to comment on resolutions during these hearings.
  • Resolution authors are strongly encouraged to attend the hearings so they may answer any questions about the intent or direction of the resolution.
  • The reference committees will then meet to discuss the testimony received and offer any revisions or substitutions.

6. Your resolution is voted on by the House  

  • The resolution will then be voted on in the House on the final day of Annual Session.
  • Delegates from every chapter will discuss and debate the resolution and you’ll see how far your idea will go! If adopted, your resolution will be made official ASDA policy.