Governing Documents

There are a number of official documents that describe ASDA's purpose and guide how the association functions. These documents direct the association's leaders in decision-making. 

  • Bylaws outline the governing objectives of the association. These documents were updated March 2021.
  • Standing Rules of the Board of Trustees give the Board of Trustees a better understanding of the procedures and rules under which the Board operates.
  • Standing Rules of the House of Delegates give a better understanding of the methods and rules under which the House of Delegates operates, and to help members feel more comfortable about expressing their views in House meetings using parliamentary procedure.
  • Special Rules of Order are "rules which modify or supplement those contained in the parliamentary authority". Special Rules of Order require a two thirds (2/3) vote to suspend or amend.
  • Statements on Position or Policy contain major policies adopted by the American Student Dental Association House of Delegates since 1972, except for policies that appear in ASDA's Bylaws. Within each classification, the statements of position or policy are arranged in chronological order. All amendments have been integrated with the original statements.
  • Past resolutions
  • Organizational chart