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October Contour 2021

October 2021 – Celebrating Dentistry

In his editor’s note, “On the ‘shoulders of giants’,” 2021-22 ASDA Editor-in-Chief Ryan Lee, Texas-Houston ‘23, writes: “This year marks the 50th anniversary of ASDA’s founding. It is an ideal time to reflect on the progress of modern dentistry.

“Isaac Newton once said, we ‘[stand] on the shoulders of giants.’ Newton’s life’s work was built on the foundation laid by his predecessors. He used the understanding gained by major thinkers before him to make intellectual progress. Dentistry too is built on the shoulders of giants.

“Consider this issue of Contour as a retrospective. Learn how dentistry has advanced through digital tools, materials science, and even ergonomics. Discover organized dentistry’s lessons learned from the pandemic. Over at Science + Tech, we spotlight how basic infection control has evolved over time. Read these and other stories about organized dentistry, and celebrate dentistry together with us.

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