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April 2024 – Humor

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? With a nod to the month that kicks off with April Fool’s Day, the Contour team put together a collection of content to make you smile. Cameron Casenhiser (Penn ’25) reveals the truth about the Tooth Fairies (hint: there’s more than one!), and Aaron Winters (Mississippi ’24) shares some of the dental student memes he shares with his classmates to keep things light when the going gets tough. Jake Cantrell (Harvard ’25) shares a thoughtfully funny perspective on the need for a dentist superhero — Cavity Crusader, anyone?

But it’s not all fun and games… In the cover story titled “Funny Business,” Boris Sorkin (Harvard ’25) explores the role of humor in the dental experience, pointing out that humor can sometimes be a serious matter. In her editor’s note, “This Is Not a Drill,” ASDA Editor in Chief Roslyn Joseph (Dental College of Georgia ’24), writes, “Even the most dedicated professionals and the most worried of patients can benefit from a laugh now and then. It's a way to connect with patients, manage stress and help everyone involved soften the hardships of life for a few moments.”

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