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April 2018 - Pharmacology in dentistryApril18cover

Guidelines are the best medicine

Editor-in-Chief Stephen Rogers, Buffalo '18, writes: "Local anesthesia, analgesics and opioids, corticosteroids, saliva stimulants and substitutes, antiseptics, fluoride supplements and antibiotics. Dentists have prescribed most of these without incident for years. But it's no secret that the profession is under fire for imprudent prescribing of opioids and antibiotics. How did we get here and how can graduating dentists do better?"
This issue of Contour explores just that. Find articles about identifying patients with drug-seeking behaviors and the Trump administration's response to the opioid crisis. Catch our review on Gary Taubes's book, "The Case Against Sugar," as well as one student's path to specializing in the treatment of orofacial pain.

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