Contour is the premier magazine of the American Student Dental Association and reports on relevant industry trends, champions student rights and represents your formative experience to the wider dental community. Just like ASDA, Contour is shaping the dental student experience.

Since January 2017, ASDA members have been receiving Contour as a benefit of their membership, in place of ASDA News and Mouth. The publication comes out 10 times per year, with combined issues in June/July and November/December.

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November 2018 - Honing in on advocacyContour-Novdec-cover

Midterms matter, and your voice does, too

Editor-in-Chief David Danesh, Harvard '20, writes: "How can you find out about dental or other political issues? Educate yourself. Develop an informed opinion. Start with ASDA's website, which provides information about key legislative issues such as licensure reform, barriers to care, midlevel providers, student loan debt and more. In addition, become familiar with the ASDA Current Statements of Position or Policy, which include what you need to know about where ASDA stands on policies ranging from dental education administration to diversity in dentistry. Discuss these issues with your classmates and your faculty. Get perspectives from both sides of any issue."

The November/December issue of Contour hones in on how you can learn more about advocacy and easy ways to get involved. This issue also covers oral health barriers among refugees and the importance of building a community-based approach to oral health literacy.

Read more from the November issue.

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