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September 2023 – Occupational Wellness

In her editor’s note, “Enough is Plenty,” 2023–24 ASDA Editor in Chief Roslyn Joseph, Dental College of Georgia ’24, writes: “We are all in this together. When you extend a helping hand to a classmate, you create a community that uplifts, empowers, and fosters a sense of belonging.”

Bree Zhang, Columbia ’26, writes about the importance of advocating for yourself, admitting that as she was writing this article, she wasn’t sure she was motivated enough to go to class the next morning. Cami Tussie, Harvard ’25, writes about the endless potential of ChatGPT for administrative dentistry. Jared Jacobson, Boston ’25, talks about the importance of learning now what financing and fintech technologies can do for your practice. Corrine Nicolas, Pennsylvania ’25, explains how sports — and learning to fail — can make you a better dentist.

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