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February 2018 - The dentist's role in interdisciplinary health care

You're a doctor, Harry 

Editor-in-Chief Stephen Rogers, Buffalo '18, writes: "'How is this relevant to dentistry?' Maybe you've muttered that phrase in microbiology or pharmacology. I liken this circumstance to Harry Potter's course in potions. J.K. Rowling admitted that her least favorite subject was chemistry, and when determining her protagonist's scholarly scorn, potions was the perfect analogue. But microbiology and pharmacology to a dentist, like potions to a wizard, are essential to our knowledge base in medicine. We aren't training to be physicians, but we'll be doctors deserving the title. And that means we must be able to communicate and work effectively with other health professionals."
This issue of Contour provides insights on how to help you treat the whole patient. Our cover story dives into the connection between dentistry and medicine. You'll also learn how you can cultivate a team-driven mindset while in dental school, and read about how one hospital in Philadelphia is creating an environment for not only health care professionals to work together, but families of patients with craniofacial differences as well.


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