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June/July 2020 – Oral Health/Overall Health

In her final editor’s note, “Shifting roles in uncertain times,” 2019-20 ASDA Editor-in-Chief Jeannie Binder, Texas-Houston ’21, writes: “We’re guardians of our patients’ holistic well-being. During a national health crisis that means setting aside our own goals for completing dental work and, instead, thinking about our patients’ most critical needs.

“While our professors stress the connection between oral and overall health, we’re living out that connection more than ever during this pandemic. This issue of Contour takes a look at that all important oral-systemic relationship, or, as the ASDA Editorial Board affectionately calls it, ‘dentistry from the neck down.’”

In addition to dentistry’s link to whole-body wellness, this issue of Contour explores financial basics for dental students, reducing stress with integrative dentistry, ideal candidates for veneers, and much more.

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