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June/July 2022 – People Dentistry

In his editor’s note, “The people’s issue of Contour,” 2021-22 ASDA Editor-in-Chief Ryan Lee, Texas-Houston ‘23, writes: “A patient’s story is far beyond what is noted in the electronic health record. No textbook can cover the experiences of each patient. Similarly, each dental student has a story to tell. The journey of dental school is one filled with successes and struggles. We know this from experience.

This issue of Contour is dedicated to the people of dentistry. As Dorsa Kaviani, Georgia ’23, wrote in her cover story, dentistry today looks a lot different than dentistry in the past. Women now make up the majority of dental students while they continue to face old stereotypes. Elizabeth Crowe, Columbia ’23, wrote about treating people not problems. Ben Kincaid, Nebraska ’23, shared the Diwali celebration at his dental school as an effort to promote diversity and inclusion.”

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