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May 2021 – Psychology of dentistry

“In her editor’s note, “The mind-mouth connection,” 2020-21 ASDA Editor-in-Chief Callista Schulenburg, LECOM ‘22, writes: “May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Dentists must remember we are not just treating the mouth, but that the mouth is attached to a person – a person with feelings, hopes, fears and goals. Applying psychological concepts and educating ourselves on mental illnesses that may afflict our patients will help you make patient visits less nerve-wracking and amplify the care you give.

“In this issue of Contour, we analyze the mind-mouth connection: how we can better understand psychology and use it to bring the best care for our patients and strengthen those relationships. Learn about trust development and preservation strategies and how to apply them in the operatory with a patient. Dive into psychology’s link to oral health issues and learn about treating patients who struggle with mental illness, perhaps even recognizing patients who may have underlying, undiagnosed mental illness. Consider practical tips on addressing dental phobia and patient anxiety, explore dental office design strategies that offer elements of comfort and even learn about the psychological benefits of smiling. Finally, we have all been through a lot during the global pandemic. Take heed of Dr. Kessler’s advice on uniting with your dental colleagues to move forward, seeking ways to advocate for the well-being of each other and our patients.”

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