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Since January 2017, ASDA members have been receiving Contour as a benefit of their membership, in place of ASDA News and Mouth. The publication comes out 10 times per year, with combined issues in June/July and November/December.

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Your wellness journey

Editor-in-Chief David Danesh, Harvard '20, writes: "There's a reason why every issue of Contour features an article on wellness, why our Mouthing Off blog has a category of posts dedicated to it and why ASDA has designated this month to have conversations around it. Because wellness, particularly for us dental students, is crucial and we just can't talk about it enough. ASDA protects and advances our rights, interests and welfare, and part of this mission includes caring for us holistically - inside and outside of the profession."

September Contour marks our annual wellness issue, and here you'll find stories from your ASDA colleagues that explore various perspectives related to well-being: the ways taking a gap year enriches your life, living with celiac disease, implementing self-care into your routine, and how exercise and ergonomics can extend your career. Also, ASDA President Roopali Kulkarni shares her personal story about maintaining mental health while in dental school.

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