Amendment to ASDA’s Current Statements of Position or Policy ‘H-1 Student Involvement in Public Health Dentistry’

Resolution 304-2018 — Adopted
2017-18 Board of Trustees
Financial Impact
As future dental students and as an organization representing the future of the profession, we have a duty both to the public and to the profession. As a learned and respected profession, dentistry enjoys the public’s trust. With that trust comes responsibility to address society’s unmet oral health needs and to contribute to meaningful solutions. As students training to enter the field, we are responsible for our future profession.

There are currently two ASDA policies that briefly address Barriers to Care in dentistry: H-1 Student Involvement in Public Health Dentistry and H-6: Student Outreach in Underserved Populations. We recommend creating a comprehensive policy on a dental student’s role in addressing barriers to care. To accomplish this, we are rescinding H-6 Student Outreach to Underserved Populations (see Resolution 305-2018) and modifying the H-1 policy; therefore, be it
Resolved, that ASDA’s Current Statement of Position and Policy ‘H-1 Student Involvement in Public Health Dentistry (2012)’ be amended to read as follows:

H-1 Student Involvement to Address Barriers to Care Public Health in Dentistry

The American Student Dental Association encourages the participation of interested dental students in efforts to impact the oral health of the public through projects, education, internships, externships and outreach to underserved populations.