Amendment to Standing Rules of the House of Delegates, Section 7. Elections, F. ‘Casting Ballots,’ G. ‘Election Committee’ and H. ‘Tabulation of the Ballots’

Resolution 403-2019 — Adopted
2018-19 Governance Committee
Financial Impact
$2,500-4,500 annually
The House of Delegates the supreme legislative body of the American Student Dental Association. It is crucial for the association to have an efficient process to facilitate business. 

The American Dental Association and other associations use electronic voting systems for election balloting and voting on resolutions. ASDA should use an electronic voting system to more efficiently elect its leaders and vote on resolutions; therefore, be it
Resolved, that ASDA’s Standing Rules of the House of Delegates, Section 7. Elections, F. ‘Casting Ballots,’ G. ‘Election Committee’ and H. ‘Tabulation of the Ballots’ be amended to read: 

F. Casting Ballots

Delegates are responsible for voting during the specified time period and must present valid credentials to the election staff in order to receive a ballot. Elections are conducted with an electronic voting device. secret written ballot. Only certified delegates are permitted to participate in the elections of the House of Delegates.

G. Election Committee

In the event the electronic balloting system errs, an The Election Committee of the association is responsible for conducting the election of national officers. The Executive Committee appoints members on-site at Annual Session. The members of this committee include the secretary of the House (executive director), three members of the association, as well as one member from a dental organization other than ASDA. The executive director serves as the chair of the committee and the three ASDA members serve as tellers of the election. Tellers are responsible for counting the secret written ballots. All members of the Election Committee are responsible for seeing that ballots are counted accurately. 

H. Certification of Tabulation of the Ballots   

After the votes are submitted electronically counted, the Speaker of the House Election Committee reviews and verifies produces an election report which details the election results. This election report is retained for one year by the secretary of the House (executive director). The election report will be available to any member upon written request to the secretary of the House.