Applicant Equity

Resolution 203-2019 — Adopted
2018-19 Council on Professional Issues
Financial Impact
The Council on Professional Issues (COPI) was tasked by the Governance Committee (GC) with reviewing ASDA’s E-4 Sensitivity to Diversity policy. The GC believed the policy to be timely and valuable due to the ever-changing dental student population, but lengthy and cumbersome. The GC also believed that content in the E-4 policy could be a standalone policy. 

While the E-4 Sensitivity to Diversity policy serves an important purpose, COPI believes the paragraph on maintaining applicant equity is influential enough to warrant its own policy. COPI recommends removing that paragraph from the original E-4 policy and proposes a standalone policy; therefore, be it
Resolved, that the American Student Dental Association supports the recruitment of an applicant pool that represents a diverse population. ASDA also encourages dental school admissions agencies to give equal consideration to undocumented students who intend to seek legal permanent status.