Feasibility Study for Council on Diversity and Inclusion

Resolution 305-2019 — Adopted

J. Ryan Thrower, First Delegate, Oregon ‘20;
Zelexis Morse, First Delegate, Meharry ‘20;
Michele Collins, Alternate Delegate, Meharry ‘20;
Aierress Hanna, Second Delegate, Meharry ’21;
Amber Spurlock, Council on Membership associate, Meharry ‘19

Financial Impact

As diverse student leaders continue to show an interest in organized dentistry, the face of our future profession is evolving. Though efforts have been and are currently being considered to continue inclusion efforts, we ask for ASDA’s consideration on establishing a Council on Diversity and Inclusion to help continue the feat for an assembly more representative of the growing population and establishing a safe place for students of color and other minority students to convene.

Currently, the Council on Professional Issues handles matters of diversity and inclusion externally for National ASDA. However, there appears to not be an internally focused counterpart for those efforts. The ADA’s structure currently has an established institute for diversity and inclusion to help them create a more diverse body. Our recommendation would be to further align ASDA with the ADA’s vision and goals and turn our attention for diversity and inclusion inwardly toward our current and future members; therefore, be it


Resolved, that the 2019-2020 Board of Trustees be tasked with investigating the feasibility of a Council on Diversity and Inclusion that focuses on the needs, barriers and concerns faced by members of color and other minority students including those from the LGBTQ community; and be it further

Resolved, that the board report back to sponsors the week following the 2019 Fall Council Meeting and report back to the 2020 House of Delegates.