Amendment to ASDA’s Current Statements of Position or Policy ‘B-3 Interdisciplinary Dental Education’

Resolution 206RC-2018 — Adopted
Reference Committee on Education & Licensure
Financial Impact
The landscape of oral health is rapidly changing, and we are seeing so much more collaboration of dentists and physicians to contribute to the overall health of patients. A future where physicians recognize oral sequelae, dentists recognize systemic symptoms, and where both refer appropriately is paramount for improving health for all. We are living through this critical transition point, where pediatricians are giving fluoride varnishes and where the ADA is introducing a CDT code for in-office HbA1c tests.

Thus, I believe ASDA, as the representative of dental students nationwide, should be at the forefront of encouraging association with the other medical professions. I believe our current stance on inter-professional education does not capture the move towards recognizing the oral-systemic connection and towards increased collaboration with medical professionals. Furthermore, I believe that ASDA partnering with other organized medicine organizations will help further facilitate interaction and networking among medical professionals. This would also create a greater voice for issues that commonly affect all of us, such as student debt and access to care; therefore, be it

Resolved, that ASDA’s Current Statements of Position or Policy ‘B-3 Interdisciplinary Dental Education (1977, revised 2015)’ be amended to read as follows:

The American Student Dental Association supports opportunities for interprofessional education and collaboration with other healthcare professions to improve the understanding of oral and systemic health.

Action: The Chair moves the substitution of 206RC-2018 for 206-2018 with a recommendation of a yes vote.