• F-1 Tuition Increase Control (1980, revised 1993, 1999, 2004, 2012)

    The American Student Dental Association encourages the administrations of all U.S. CODA-accredited dental schools to develop and utilize an estimated costs increase statement for incoming and existing students. In the event that an unresolved dispute over tuition arises involving a dental school and its students, the association will request the school to substantiate the tuition increase.
  • F-2 Financial Aid Repayment (1981, revised 2002, 2004)

    The American Student Dental Association advocates that all current and former dental students repay their educational loans in a responsible and timely fashion. It urges the administrative officers of dental schools to intensify their efforts to collect outstanding and overdue loans in order to meet standards that may be imposed as criteria to receive new loans. The association urges dental schools to provide sufficient financial aid counseling to dental students, including counseling on alternative loan repayment programs and debt consolidation.
  • F-3 Health Education Assistance Programs (1986, revised 1992)

    The American Student Dental Association endorses continued federal support for new and existing health education assistance programs, and the reinstatement or renewal of discontinued programs.
  • F-4 Student Debt (2014, revised 2019)

    The American Student Dental Association supports initiatives to reduce the burden of debt for dental students. The association urges Congress, state legislatures and state dental associations to pass measures that include, but are not limited to:

    1. Reducing student loan interest rates;
    2. Providing refinancing opportunities to borrowers;
    3. Providing opportunities for loan forgiveness, scholarships, grants and tax deductibility.