E-1 Due Process (1977, revised 2013, 2021)

Policy Number: E-1

Policy Category: Dental School Admin Policies and Student Government

The American Student Dental Association endorses the concept of due process for dental students in U.S. CODA-accredited dental schools. Dental schools should develop and publicize a clear definition of its procedures for the evaluation, discipline, advancement, and graduation of students to its faculty and students.

Subject to applicable law, dental school due process procedures should encompass the following:

  1. Prior to discipline, a student has the right to a hearing. Hearings should include student members. No student or faculty member involved in the case should be allowed to be a member of the judicial body.
  2. The accused student must be informed of charges in writing and be given adequate time to prepare for the hearing. The content of all charges against the student must be clearly outlined.
  3. The student charged must be given the opportunity to select an advisor of his or her choice for assisting in his or her defense.
  4. The burden of proof must rest upon the party bringing the charge. The student charged is considered innocent until proven guilty by clear and convincing evidence. If clear and convincing evidence is not established, student should be acquitted of charges.
  5. The student charged must be given the opportunity to introduce evidence, call witnesses and cross-examine adverse witnesses. Notice of any items or witnesses intended to be introduced as evidence or called to testify should be presented to the opposing side at least three days prior to the hearing.
  6. All matters upon which the decision is based should be entered as evidence before the judicial body.  
  7. The student has the right to appeal the decision of the judicial body.