E-11 Dental Resident/Fellow Work and Learning Environment (2006)

Policy Number: E-11

Policy Category: Dental School Admin Policies and Student Government

The American Student Dental Association supports the following policy for all dental residency and fellowship programs which are:

  • Limit of 80 hours per week, averaged over four weeks, with flexibility to increase hours up to 10% if the institution can show educational/safety rationale;
  • At least one full (24-hour) day out of seven free of patient care duties, averaged over four weeks; - residents must not be on-call more often than every third night, averaged over four weeks;
  • Residents must have a 10-hour minimum rest period between duty periods; and
  • Continuous on-duty time is limited to 24 hours, with additional time of no more than 6 hours allowed for patient transfers and educational activities.