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ASDA’s community is made of over 20,000 dental students as well as the faculty and administrators who make your learning experience meaningful. Each month, ASDA will highlight dental students and faculty from ASDA chapters across the United States.

If you would like us to feature you or a student or faculty member at your chapter, please contact Erin Kato, member relations specialist.

Member Spotlight  Avi Willis-Cohen

Name: Avi Willis-Cohen

Hometown: Scranton, Penn.

Chapter: Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine

E-mail: ayc26@case.edu 

Graduation year: 2015

Position held at chapter: member

Plans after graduation: Pediatric dentistry

Favorite ASDA benefit:Free life and disability insurance

Last good book you read: “American Nations: A history of the eleven rival regional cultures of North America” by Colin Woodard

Mac or PC? PC

Most embarrassing song on your iPod: Dental lectures

Personal possession that you can’t live without: Diamondback bicycle – “It’s my daily exercise and ride to school”

Unique hobby or interest: Play the bagpipes

Faculty Spotlight Sean Rowan

Name: Sean Rowan

Position held at dental school: Director of Student Affairs, Western University of Health Science College of Dental Medicine

E-mail: srowan@westernu.edu  

School you graduated from: University of La Verne, La Verne, Calif., National University, San Diego, Calif.

 Degree: Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science (2005) University of La Verne, Master of Arts in Human Behavior (2012) National University

What made you pursue a career at a dental school? I pursued a career in student affairs due to my desire to work closely with students. I started out as a recruiter assigned to work with WesternU’s newly opened College of Dental Medicine. After working with the applicants, faculty and administration for a year, I jumped at the opportunity to become a part the college as its student affairs professional. My position brings me a great deal of fulfillment. I have the honor of working with each new class from admissions through graduation, helping them complete their academic careers to become the professionals they have trained to be.

How does ASDA benefit your students? ASDA is a great benefit to our student body; the organization provides a voice to our students on local, state and national levels. In addition, ASDA provides the opportunity for students to assume roles of leadership, assisting in their overall student and professional development.

Words of wisdom for future dentists: Be passionate about the things you do and don’t allow fear, difficulty or hard work to detract you from what your desire to accomplish.

Last good book you read: "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen

Unique hobby or interest: I’m a pastor and fitness buff who loves to cook.

Member Spotlight  Carlie Mae Brown

Name: Carlie Mae Brown

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colo.

Chapter: University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry

E-mail: Carlie-brown@ouhsc.edu 

Graduation year: 2015

Position held at chapter: Legislative Liaison

Plans after graduation: I’m not sure where I will end up practicing, but I see myself teaching in some capacity. I was a high school physics and earth science teacher for four years before dental school. I have done research for many years and I could see myself teaching in the classroom or clinic, doing research and having a part-time practice. I would like to be in private practice for a few years before pursuing a career in academics.

Favorite ASDA benefit: I would say the thing I have gained the most from ASDA is awareness. Being a legislative liaison has made me well informed about political issues and given me the opportunity to form opinions about laws and policies that will directly effect my fast approaching career. Being a part of ASDA has shown me the importance of organized dentistry and how I can contribute to my dental community after dental school.

Last good book you read: “Contact” by Carl Sagan, I read is a few times a year.

Mac or PC? I like both

Most embarrassing song on your iPod: I’m not embarrassed to say that “Party in the USA” by Miley makes my day.

Personal possession that you can’t live without: It's strange that this is the question that challenges me the most. I honestly can't think of anything. There are many things I would be sad to lose, but nothing I can't live without.

Unique hobby or interest: I love doing CrossFit. I started last fall and it has become a great hobby to keep me grounded and relieve stress. I have done a few competitions but I mainly just like the constantly varied workouts and wonderful friends I have made. Since I started CrossFit I have learned to make time to take care of myself. A balance between work and personal life makes me a better person.

Faculty Spotlight Leo E. Rouse

Name: Leo E. Rouse, DDS, FACD

Position held at dental school: Dean, Howard University

E-mail: lrouse@howard.edu  

Dental School you graduated from: Howard University ('73)

 Dental speciality: Comprehensive Dentist

What made you pursue a career in dentistry? My passion for service and desire to participate in the Healing Arts

How does ASDA benefit your students? A positive entry point into organized dentistry

Words of wisdom for future dentists: Always be ethical and professional in all that you do for our communities.

Last good book you read: "The Carolina Way, Leadership Lessons From a Life in Coaching" by Dean Smith

Unique hobby or interest: Reading books on leadership and service

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