Amendment to Current Statement of Position or Policy ‘E-2 Conflict Resolution’

Resolution 405-2018 — Adopted
2017-18 Governance Work Group
Financial Impact
The Governance Work Group (GWG) agreed to remove the first sentence of the policy as its intent is already captured in ASDA’s mission statement. 

The GWG agreed to amend the policy to make it more reflective of the diversity of chapter leadership structures. It is important for chapters to create conflict management procedures that fit their unique leadership structures; therefore, be it
Resolved, that ASDA’s Current Statements of Position or Policy ‘E-2 Conflict Resolution (2013)’ be amended to read as follows:

The American Student Dental Association should be responsive when a concern is raised by its membership. ASDA supports student-led conflict management and resolution.

ASDA encourages chapters to develop conflict management procedures that ensure students work through the leadership hierarchy established at their chapter. 

ASDA recommends that these concerns are first addressed by their class; the local student body government; the ASDA chapter delegate and/or district trustee, as appropriate.